Doug Foster

Doug has the unique combination of being an expert web developer and local government official.  He brings more than twenty years of experience working in database applications, geographic information systems (GIS), business intelligence, and web development.  In addition, he has served Nyack, NY as Trustee for the last six years, and as Deputy Mayor for two of those six years, from which he has first hand working experience in local government.  In the development and maintenance of Web Muni, Doug has utilized his specialized skills to not only serve his and neighboring communities in Rockland County, but numerous municipalities.

After ten years working as an urban planner/GIS manager for the city of Ithaca, NY, he started Foster Solutions Inc.  in 2000.  In that capacity, he has worked with a variety of clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Experian, Mediamark Research and Phoenix International, as well as creating websites and e-commerce sites for government municipalities, authors, designers, healers and stand-up comedians.

Doug has programmed database-driven websites since the mid-1990s, starting with ColdFusion and ASP, and is currently focused on leveraging open source Content Management Systems to maximize value for customers.

Doug is an expert VBA programmer in Office products, and SQL Server T-SQL.  He codes in PHP/MySQL, focusing on WordPress and the Genesis platform. When Doug is not masterfully solving many a technological, data or web-driven issue, he enjoys sailing on the Hudson.