Local Government Websites

Web Muni is a web framework that connects local government to its community by seamlessly integrating its day-to-day business, projects and meetings for everyone to access. It is a virtual microcosm that mirrors and links the inner workings of government municipalities.

Open Source

WebMuni utilizes an open source, WordPress framework.  A sophisticated and elegant model that consisting of plug-ins which define and integrate content, specifically targeted for local government work.

And the best part?

You will never be stuck in a proprietary system. You own the code.  Your data will be in the largest open source framework in the world.

Take a look at our satisfied clients.

Own Your Data

Don’t get your data stuck in a proprietary system. Web Muni is built on WordPress, and is essentially a series of Plugins.

WordPress runs 1 out of every 4 websites worldwide, so you’ll always be able to find people who know how to maintain your data and your site.

Engineered for Local Government
Web Muni has designed an elegant solution to manage local government data, documents and processes.

Web Muni supports projects, plans, and public meetings.

Content Support

The business of local government includes a tremendous amount of content, be it minutes, agendas and studies, but also alerts and notifications about upcoming events and meetings.

The WebMuni team has specialists in local government as well as professional writers.  We can assist you at whatever level you want in your communications with residents.

Connecting all Your Information

WebMuni has built forms into the administration section to easily connect all your information.